The Heart

Powerful and smoothly running – the GO SwissDrive System motor provides sufficient propulsion at any time.

The Motor Unit – Proven Quality in Different Variants

Our rear hub motors have proven themselves for many years even under the harshest conditions. For example, in e-bikes for delivery services at a mileage of over 100,000 kilometers.

You have the choice between four different variants: From 250 Watt for a normal pedelec according to EU-legislation, up to 500 Watt (peak performance approximately 1,000 Watt) for powerful and strong e-bikes / pedelecs of the fast class.

  • All motors with integrated controller
  • Integrated, patented torque sensor: contactless and maintenance-free
  • Brushless and special design for low free-wheeling resistance
  • Adjustable by software
  • Dust and water-splash protection according to industry standard IP64
  • Recuperation / energy recovery mode in at least two levels (depending on the model)
  • Suitable for bike cassettes up to 30-speed derailleur gears (compatible for 11-speed drivetrain)
  • Ideal for combination with bracket gearing systems (e.g. 18-speed Pinion gearbox)
  • Disc brake mount
  • BikeBus: digital communication between all parts

Customize your drive

Renowned e-bike manufacturers not only rely on our drive system and our service, but also on our customizing competence. Adaption of colours, logo placement and individual configurations on motor, batteries and display ensure optimal adaptation according the needs of our customers and lead to a strong individual brand appearance.

Technical specifications






Nominal Power*

250 W

250 W

500 W

500 W

Max. Torque *

37 Nm

40 Nm

45 Nm

45 Nm


25 km/h

42 km/h

32 km/h

45 km/h

Weight **

4,7 kg

5,3 kg

5,6 kg

5,6 kg

Typical application




Fast pedelec

* at testet current 25A, ** incl. freewheel body

Powerful and running smoothly

Practically inaudible, the engine provides sufficient propulsion at any time.

Here, you find everything about the Advantages of the GO SwissDrive rear wheel hub motor as compared to mid-engines and other drive systems.