Modern displays to choose from

At GO SwissDrive, you can choose between the new EVO colour display with smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth (left image) and our standard display (right image). An upgrade to the new EVO TFT-display including the new remote control is easily possible, as well.

EVO Display

Technical specifications

  • 3.2” full colour TFT display
    • With transflective display technology
    • Full sunlight readable
    • Resolution 240*320 / 16 Bit colour
  • USB A Connector for service and charging
    • Charging of USB devices up to 5V / 1A
    • Storage of collected trip data on USB devices
    • Update of the drive system via USB
  • Ready for Bluetooth 4.0 communication
    • Visual phone call Indicator / smartphone integration
    • Service data exchange
    • Ready for adaption of different Bluetooth functions via Smartphone-App
  • Good vibration protection; water and dust-resistant according to IP65
  • Ambient light sensor and automatic drive light control (with supported bike lights)
  • Center mounted plus ergonomic handlebar remote
  • Customizable design
  • Anti-theft protection


Screen 1

Speed, actual consumption in Watt, remaining range and 2 other values (e.g. distance or average speed)

Screen 2

Tour-data: Distance, riding time, average consumption, average speed, maximum speed

Screen 3

Stopwatch with counting of time and trip


EVO remote control

  • 4 buttons for interaction with the system
  • Separate On/Off button allows use for fast e-bikes / pedelecs
  • Start of walking mode
  • Different colour options
  • Mountable near to handlebar grip
  • Switch lights On/Off
  • Ergonomic design allows excellent interaction in every situation
  • Can be mounted on the right or left
  • Customized colours

Standard display

Technical specifications

  • Adjustable LCD display including operating buttons
  • Clearly visible and easily mountable near to handlebar grips
  • BikeBus communication
  • Speedometer features:
    • Current speed
    • Average speed
    • Max speed
    • Trip km
    • Total km
  • Drive system features:
    • 5 power and 3 recuperation / energy recovery levels
    • Walk mode
    • Display of battery capacity
    • Remaining range
    • Actual energy consumption
    • Average energy consumption