Advantages of a rear hub motor

The driving force 


Why a rear wheel hub motor?
We have put together the key arguments for you.

Which motor is best?

For 125 years now, the car industry has always given the same answer:

„It all depends.“

Arguments for the Go Swissdrive System in Brief

More Dynamic

Rear wheel motors provide powerful acceleration, high flexibility, quiet running and generous spare capacity. With nominal output of up to 500 watts (peak power of around 1,000 watts) and genuine 45 Nm torque, GO SwissDrive sets the standard, when motors are compared on a like-for-like basis.

Power where it has greatest effect

Directly on the rear wheel hub. Without any detours. And without unnecessary wear on chain and pinion. Can be combined with derailleur gears or crankset gears. Like the high-tech gearsets from Pinion, for instance.

Practically inaudible

The great thing is that you can’t hear the GO SwissDrive motor. Running at 18 to 25 decibels, it emits just a whisper of a sound. Quieter than a quiet bedroom at night. And the design means it is a lot quieter than a comparable central motor.

More energy via recovery

Energy recovery (recuperation) and less wear on the brakes when riding downhill. Known also in Formula 1 as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), it is only possible on rear wheel hub motors. Can be set to a minimum of two levels on a GO SwissDrive.

Full System Integration

An extremely robust bolted aluminium casing means that our motor and torque sensor enjoy excellent protection. This is a definite advantage over other manufacturers and motor systems.

industry standard Protection

The GO SwissDrive motor is tested to industry standard IP64, designed to prevent the ingress of dust or spray. This robust quality protects customers who use their bike in harsh conditions, such as when carrying out delivery services or engaging in mountain biking.

Harnessing energy perfectly

Don't waste energy: the recuperation feature of the motor can transform the energy that is released when braking into electrical power and feed it directly into the battery.

Powerful and smoothly running

Practically inaudible, the motor always provides sufficient propulsion.

Here, you finde more information on the Go SwissDrive rear wheel hub motor.

Customers' opinions

Logo Campus

Rolf Wollenweber

MD of Campus – hand-produced bicycles and e-bikes made in Germany

„ At our production site in Forst near Karlsruhe, we produce Campus bicycles and e-bikes to order according to the highest quality criteria. Because we fit front, central and rear motors from leading manufacturers on our e-bikes, we are in a position to directly compare the various drive systems. In our experience, the GO SwissDrive motor has three particular advantages: it is silent, maintenance-free and powerful. For many of our younger customers, as well as those who remain young at heart, it must be said that the power of the motors is a major selling point. For instance, unlike with systems of other manufacturers, the motor provides particularly powerful pedal assist when the rider pedals hard and fast. For sporty riders and S-pedelec customers this sensation of power is overwhelming when it comes to their choice. A further advantage is that the GO SwissDrive motor can be combined with derailleur gears offering up to 30 speeds. At a reasonable price the customer thus gets accurate gear shift with a wide range of ratios – ideal for maintaining a comfortable pedalling cadence and optimum efficiency.“

„ Our gobaX delivery bikes with electric motor are a genuine alternative to cars and scooters and have for years been proving themselves in tough everyday use. As fleet vehicles for various pizza delivery services, for instance, or for on-site transport, as at BASF. In view of the frequent changes of rider and distances of up to 100,000 kilometres in three years, our delivery e-bikes have to have durable, high-performing and reliable components that are as maintenance-free as possible. This requirement is fully met by the GO SwissDrive motor, which we adapt in terms of power output to the relevant topography and region of use and combine with crankset gears for use on an S-pedelec. The robust enclosed motor with integrated torque sensor is maintenance-free, very rarely requires repairing and generates low chain wear. These are major arguments for effective fleet operation. In use, bike riders particularly value the high degree of flexibility (even without gears) as well as the spare capacity of the drive, which means that even steep climbs can be completed at a respectable speed of 10 to 15 km/h.“

Robert Dorn

Development Manager at gobaX – special manufacturer of delivery bikes for professional use

Logo HP Velotechnik Liegeräder Systemzubehör

Paul Hollants

MD of HP Velotechnik – specialist in recumbent bikes and trikes

„ When it comes to choosing a motor, two main factors are decisive for HP Velotechnik. The first of these is being able to enjoy the ride in peace and quiet. This is because recumbent bike riders are demanding and tend to ride very much for enjoyment. They listen carefully when riding, and, after all, their riding position does mean their ears are nearer to the motor. A drive which is more or less silent is therefore our first choice. Secondly, the weight distribution is ideal. The centre of gravity is on the drive wheel, which is particularly beneficial for handling trikes on steep slopes and soft ground. So our decision to opt for a rear wheel hub motor is entirely logical, and GO SwissDrive is definitely our first choice. In fact, it’s like a dream come true that GO SwissDrive is this year offering to incorporate a reverse gear – so our customers do not just have a powerful and silent motor to look forward to, but also a feature which makes parking and manoeuvring a whole lot easier.“